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Boutique hotels can be found from Sydney in Australia to the French Riviera, and each one offers an exclusive treat to visitors. These small, one-of-a kind retreats include a variety of pleasures to accommodate the most discriminating traveller and are located in a number of different countries. No matter where a boutique hotel is located, it is creatively designed and guests are pampered with every amenity. Normally, these elegant establishments cater to fewer than one hundred guests at a time in order to give preferential service to individual patrons.

Many of these specialized hotels are theme based. For instance, a boutique hotel in Miami might have an ocean theme and be decorated in an Art Deco Style. A classic hotel found in the United Kingdom could be an old Victorian Inn with copper baths and tapestry covered walls. Guests are fascinated by the historical significance of many of the most clever boutique resorts and are delighted with the many luxuries offered.

From the regional restaurants, intriguing shops, and unique entertainment, to the personalized service offered around the clock, a boutique hotel provides its clientele with an exceptional experience. Like many bed and breakfast inns, the rooms at most boutique hotels are decorated differently. This allows a guest to return to the same locale a second time in completely new surroundings.

These popular hotels focus on providing the guest with the ultimate pleasurable experience. From an expansive work-out area to pool side spa treatments, the goal is to serve and pamper each patron. Most of these relaxing establishments provide elegant toiletries and all of the electronic gadgetry anyone could desire. These lifestyle hotels can accommodate the interests of any patron, from those who favour cartoon characters to those who are thrilled by space exploration.

Whether a client is seeking an out-of-the-way, secluded boutique hotel or one that is jumping with activity, he or she can be confident that their stay in one of these unique hotels will be one of the most enjoyable ever experienced.