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There are many different types of hotel accommodation available to travellers today. For the discerning consumer, luxury hotels are always available. However, more and more seasoned travelers are entertaining the idea of the boutique hotel which is equal in service to a luxury hotel but normally only serves up to 50 guests. This smaller number allows the hotel to offer guests luxuries and unique surroundings that are not typically found at standard hotels. Guests are offered a more stream-lined experience tailored to their own specific desires and needs. Additionally, they are able to choose from a wide variety of amenities that are on-site. Although these vary from hotel to hotel, services such as pet grooming, personal butler service, business services such as meeting rooms, and grocery shopping are available. The smaller number of guests allows hotel management to provide 24-hour service.

Utilizing a boutique hotel as an accommodation is not choosing a sub-standard facility or experience. These hotels are widely known for the luxury and high standard of service available to every guest. Because there are fewer patrons, guests typically experience a more enjoyable and stress-free stay than at a standard hotel, as hotel staff are more able to serve the desires and needs of individual guests. Because these hotels are located in both secluded areas and right in the hub of a city, atmospheres vary from hotel to hotel, and no two experiences are ever the same. Most have reputations for their high quality room decorations, art, and themed rooms.

It does not matter what your destination is because staying at this type of hotel offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience and above-par service catering to your every requirement and desire. Hotels are available for every budget and in every imaginable setting. By searching online for "boutique hotel" in the destination city of their choice, consumers can find accommodation suited to their particular style, and many websites offer discounts for making reservations online or in advance. Equal in service to luxury hotels, a boutique hotel offers the coziness of home with the highest level of service guaranteeing a memorable and satisfying stay.